House. One Day

So I just got married. Which means gifts that we have NO ROOM FOR. But thank you for the gifts! We're making the 8 hour drive to Ikea next weekend to pick up some cheap Gorm bookshelves. 

We also had a store credit at VivaTerra. Eh, I'm not too impressed with them and I'll leave it at that. Farmhouse Wares has similar items at better prices. Anyway. Here are the items I bought.

The point? We have NO ROOM for these items. I mean, they will look great in my house one day, but that day is a few years off, at least! One day I will live in an awesome house in an awesome city. For now I'm stuck in Albuquerque.

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  1. I love that key keeper from Viva Terra and interested in your comments regarding Farmhouse Wares. Not familiar with them but will totally check them out. Btw, you never, ever have enough room for what you accumulate. Rotate. That's my 17 years married advice, not great but what I got! :)


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