Baby Farm

Unless you know the background, and baby farm sounds disturbing, I know. I'm not a creeper though, so here's the story. 

A few years ago I told the boy that I wanted a farm. I wanted chicks, and lambs, and PUPPIES. Lots of cute little baby animals. Of course he had to rain on my parade and mention that all of these baby animals would grow up and not be cute and little anymore. Still, any time I see a baby animal, I'm reminded of my desire for a baby farm.

My dilemma isn't that I don't have a house, or a yard, or any baby animals. The real dilemma is that I'm into too many things. I like to travel. I like to sew. I like to cook. Where would I find the time to manage these baby animals?!

On a somewhat related topic. This weekend we went to the zoo. There were lots of babies (of the human kind). Chubby little babies. I told the boy that I wanted one. His response: "You're not feeling well. Let's go home." It's going to take me a few years to warm him up to the idea...

Zoo pictures for putting up with all this text!

Baby Hippo!

not a baby!

in case you were wondering what I look like

flowering cacti

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