Wedding Food

If there is one thing that I could do over, it would be the food. 

I would go back for seconds and thirds and gorge myself. I might even ask for a to go box. I should get those recipes. Or maybe just hire the cook to be my personal chef.

Yes, it was that good. EVERYONE would agree with me. Josh wishes he had eaten more too. 

I wanted it to be Southern, so I tried to pick classic Southern dishes for dinner and dessert (with a few personal favorites thrown in there too). 

The menu:
* Fried Catfish. The outside was crispy, the inside was moist. It wasn't overly greasy. Best ever.
* Grilled Chicken. What was the sauce? Pure heaven. It was grilled, that's all I know. And that it was amazing.
* Fried Green Tomatoes. These were hard to come by, but they got them for us. It was a delightful cornmeal breading. Again fried to perfection. Oh, I wish I had eaten more...
* Shrimp 'n Grits. Hello wonderful. At our tasting they were a bit spicy. For the wedding they were perfect. Creamy, cheesy, comfort food. 
* Mashed Potatoes. All I remember is that they were delicious. And I want more.
* Green Beans. The "healthy" vegetable. Covered in buttery goodness.
* Fruit. There was fruit. And it looked beautiful. But how could anyone eat fruit with foods like those around?!

The signs Diane made were so CUTE!

You should get the guy on the left to cook for you if you have the chance

The Desserts:
* Chocolate Flan. A Cuban classic. We had some technical difficulties with the baking, but it turned out divine. Creamy, custardy, yumminess. 
* Red Velvet Cake. It doesn't get any more Southern, IMO. This is the cake we ended up cutting. Oh how I love cream cheese frosting.
* Orange Amaretto Cake. A favorite among many. How could you not like a cake soaked in Amaretto?
* Chocolate Cake. A classic. We had troubles with this cake in our test rounds, but it came through for us on baking day.
* Apple Pie. Josh's favorite. His mom made this. And luckily we had leftovers (that weren't left over for very long)
* Banana Pudding. Again, a Southern tradition.
* Bread Pudding. Josh's grandmother made it.

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