Wedding Table Decor

Let's compare the drawings with the real thing. 

Cake Table:

The pennant with "Dessert" was the only thing that I ended up not doing. The stained glass at the venue matched out colors perfectly. The florist chose forsythia to get the height I wanted in the back. Mom wrote the desserts on the chalk boards with a cute little picture. Fairly perfect I think. And fairly delicious!! 

Dining Tables:

Pretty much to a T. There were fewer vases (8 instead of 10) and the vases were all either clear or blue mason jars (no yellow vases, I didn't like how they looked). Also, you can see the middle planter box turned into a basket (coconut plant holder with the bottom cut off) with a candle & the table number. The venue also had tealight holders in the PERFECT shade of aqua that we were able to use. 

Escort Cards:

We used the same wood from the cake stands for our escort cards. These were not as level (as you can see from table 2). The actual escort cards were small gold pots that were $0.20 each. I put some styrofoam in, topped with moss cloth cut to a circle, jam in a popsicle stick with a paper flower on it. The names were held in with a mini-clothespin. Total cost for escort cards: $18

Simple DIYs:
* I bought 10 yards of burlap. I cut it into 2 5 yard pieces (so 15 feet each). Then I cut that in 4 lengthwise (so that I had 4 pieces that were 15' x about 12"). My kitchen floor was a disaster after that! Total cost: $15 for all of the burlap (I had a 50% off coupon).
* Coconut plant baskets were $1 each at the dollar store. I cut off the bottom (leaving about 4" at the top). Fill with moss, place a pillar candle in the middle! Total cost: $5 per table
* Flags above table: Cut or tear strips of fabric between 1" and 2" wide. They should be about 10" long. Fat Quarters would work well for this project. Tie onto twine. Done. Total cost: $5. I already had most of the fabric for other projects. 

Not so simple DIYs:
* We bought slices of wood in New Mexico. But they were too fat (like 4 - 5" wide). So the boy bought a saw and cut each slice in half to a more reasonable size. Then, once in Atlanta, he and his father took fire wood & cut in down in height to about 4" or 8" tall. Attach top slice with glue & nails. Total the project cost about $50 because we had to buy the wood (we are not lumberjacks who go into the forest and cut down our own trees)

All photos by Graham & Ashley Scobey
Flowers: Laurens Flowers


  1. I love the chalkboards. Where did you order them from?

  2. Thanks Naysa! I bought them at my local JoAnn fabric store. They were over by the wood items, like popsicle sticks.


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