I spent the day yesterday at my LQS (Hip Stitch). I went in innocently. I was just looking for some pink/red fabric. But they were reorganizing, and I CAN'T pass up organizing. So I took down all of their fabric and organized it by color. And set up the books.

Then then told me the Moda rep was coming by and said I could stay. WHAT?! Not quite as good as being at Market, but OMG yes. I didn't get to take pictures, but here are some previews that are out on the internets.

Favorite upcoming Moda lines (a PDF of all new collections is available here):

1. It's a Hoot by Momo. I can't get my hands on some fast enough!! The fabrics are of a really nice weight and drape. I might need the $100 fat quarter bundle...

2. Dream on by Urban Chicks. Think reproduction 70's floral sheets.

3. City Weekend by Oliver & S. Soooo cute. Again, these fabrics have a nice weight to them too. I like the more vibrant color collections (at the top of the stack) more than the bla pastels. 

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  1. Those are all lovely! I had not seen any of the last collection yet, it's beautiful!


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