Fail AND Success!! Stash Sunday Costa Rica Edition

Before coming to Costa Rica, I looked up LQS, of course! I found Jardin Abuela and wrote to the owner to get directions. 

There's something you should know about San Jose. Well, a few things. One, there aren't really lanes on the road, you just kind of flow with traffic. If you know traffic in Rome, think worse. Two, roads are one way a lot, or turn into one ways without much notice. But most importantly, three, THEY DON'T LABEL THE ROADS. Seriously, downtown they named the roads, but if you're lucky they put a sign up every 6 blocks. A mostly hidden sign.

Outside San Jose, there are streets, but no names. This fabric store was 75m north of the MegaSuper (a grocery store). So we drove to the general area (with much stress) but never found the MegaSuper or the fabric store. Booo. 


So you want to hear about the success?

We went into a store called Pague Menos to get a Football (Soccer) jersey for Josh's brother. As he was paying, I wandered. Oh, look, bolts of towel fabric. And a little further... ALGODON! (cotton). It was huge back there! They had everything, including some bolts of Vera Bradley fabric (ubiquitous quilted luggage, not my thing). Oh, heaven. I bought about 13.5 meters. For $36. And I held back knowing that I have to pack it. 

They sold bolts of fabric for sheets, which was neat, but not 100% cotton. Shirting, also not 100% cotton. Home Dec weight fabric, rolls of comforters that just need to be cut to size & bound. No linen though. :(

Anyways, I could go on for much longer about all they had, but I'm sure you want to see the goods. Sorry about the quality, I am at the mercy of the hotel room lighting.

The stash (1/2 meters). Notice the red & aqua stripes, those are full meters. Awesome!

Vintage Sheets

Bunnies (only 1/2 meter, I will use sparingly!)

My favorites (again, only 1/2 meter. Orange and aqua is definitely my next quilt)

New pillowcases! (2 meters)

Grey dots. To go with my stash of larger grey dots at home. 2 meters. What?! I think it's a good versatile print for as much grey as I use.

Alphabet flannel. Quilt back probably. 2 meters.

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  1. oooohhhh loving your new fabric especially those bunnies!
    And i did have a wee giggle about think of Romes traffic and think worse - I honestly didn't believe anything could be worse than Rome hmmm maybe Naples but .. .. well you've found somewhere worse.
    Happy travelling


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