Lately I've been inspired. Having the time to sew and not having to worry about work, my mind is opening.

Like these bathing suits at Target. I love the stripe/check/dot mix. And while red and aqua is so common, hot pink and aqua needs to become the new "it" combo. In fact, aqua is so "in" right now. (Do I sound like I watched too much Clueless growing up??). Last year I couldn't find aqua ANYWHERE, this year it's taking over. I predict orange will be the "it" color next year. 

Tonight we went to Applebee's for dinner. The space was divided with stained glass. It reminded me that quilt inspiration can come from so many places. So while the pictures wouldn't come out (dark restaurant, glass reflecting light, people everywhere - not a good picture situation). I sketched it (because yes, I have graph paper in my purse). I might scan it once I rework the design with color, but I will leave you with some other neat stained glass pieces. Great COLOR and design! A lot of craftsman/arts & crafts style pieces would translate especially well. 


  1. I really like the bottom left, that would be a fantastic quilt design :)

  2. WOW inspiration for quilts right there in stained glass windows!
    I love the top middle (blue one)
    ps: oh yes I hear you re aqua and red - pink and orange & purple and lime green & red and pink are my favs


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