The couch!!

It's dingy, and the cushions were deformed. I think there was a permanent butt imprint. You can just trust me on this, no close-ups!

Phase 1: Covering the body. The white is from Ikea and I used about 6 yards. I did this back in May (??). It needs to be washed. And hemmed. 

Next I remade the cushions. 4" foam, batting, and a white muslin cover sewed on. I just made 2 long cushions instead of 3. I was going to do the back the same way, but I didn't think it would look right. So I bought 3 24" square cushions from Hancock. They were the right height, but too narrow. So I went back for 3 27" square pillows. These were too tall. So when I made the cases, I cut them 25" x 28" and just squished the pillow in (not a problem at all).

If you are ever at Ikea buying fabric to recover your couch, you should not let this conversation happen:
Me: I want to cover it in white.
Boy: No, it will get too dirty.
Me: But you can wash it.
Boy: No, I don't want to worry about being messy.
Me: Fine, which one do you like

* Here is the important part *
Boy: How about this one?
* If he points to stripes say NOOO. Unless you have lots of time, are a perfectionist, and like tedious sewing. 

So here it is!

It turns out, after looking at these pictures, that I don't actually like it. But that's the good thing about slipcovers, right? As soon as I have the right fabric & energy, I can easily make a new cover. I have templates to use now!!

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