Late night

When the boy is away, I do things around the apartment. Late at night. So pictures are either flash-tastic, or dark. Maybe I'll show you the new bedroom look sometime.

I started slip-covering the couch in May, and am getting closer! The cushions were gross & squished, so I'm redoing the cushions. I'm sewing a white cover onto the foam, and will then put on a "pillowcase" cover that I can wash. That way the foam stays protected. Overkill, maybe, but seriously, those old cushions were gross.

Bleached muslin (Kona, 90", I bought a bolt when I had a 50% off coupon...this used about 1.5 yards, so $4.50), batting (bought today with a 50% off coupon, $10), foam (bought in June with a 50% off coupon, $40)

pinning it all together, wrapped the corners like a present

hand stitching. Sloppy, but this is an underlayer

The body of the couch was covered in white back in May (and is due for a washing!!). You can see my tools and 1 cushion done. I went from 3 cushions to 2, because it looks more modern & sleek. 

Also, I am not getting involved with piping!

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