A new home?

I just migrated over from my other blog, RightBrainRelease. It was time for a new alias. You see, after I got married in April, I found myself with a new name (by choice). I am no longer an A.A., I'm an A.A.W. From the beginning of the alphabet way down to the end. It has taken so adjusting. 

A couple months ago I designed a new logo to have printed on labels (by this lady, and I LOVE them) for my projects. a2(w) (No clue how to put in exponents!). A squared for my 2 As (first name & maiden name) and that new W tacked onto the end. It's kinda like a math formula, and I'm a math teacher! It's also part of an engineering formula, and the hubs is an engineer. So I think it represents the new me.

And thus I need a new blog.


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