still no sewing

I have projects lined up in my head, but haven't felt motivated to work on them. I have some 3x6 Bee blocks to make (have pattern, just need to do it!), a Fresh&Funky Bee block to make (have an idea, just need to do it!), a coupon organizer (yup, know how I'm doing this one too!)...


Today I started a project that has been line up for much longer: natural beauty projects. A while ago I bought Amy's Emailorder 11 that has some great recipes for deodorant, face soap, chapstick, etc. AND the Make Your Place book by Raleigh Briggs. Both of these are awesome resources that are ALL hand written & illustrated. No typing! So cute!

I spent about $100 on supplies this morning, but have tons left over for other projects. I found EVERYTHING at my local store, Vitamin Cottage. Some items were on sale and overall I found prices to be reasonable based on some online shopping I did last night.

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