That is the number of pictures that Josh & I took on our camping trip this weekend. 830 pictures over the course of, oh, less than 24 hours. I narrowed it down to a measly 92 pictures to upload to Flickr.

It was gorgeous. I don't think we could have asked for better weather (although I could have asked for it to be less cold at night). What these pictures don't show is how little sleep we got due to 3 things:
1) Our tent was on a slight hill so we rolled into the corner.
2) It was cold!
3) We were both too scared to sleep. Something was making noises outside our tent all night. Birds? Elk? Cougars? The clearing where we pitched our tent looked cute (and was part of a developed camp ground!), but I think we must have invaded someone's territory.

We were out of there by 7:15, just as the sun was rising. Took a scenic (dirt) road home by way of Cuba, and were happily showered and napping by 1pm.

Here are the highlights. Head to Flickr is you want to see LOTS more.

Native Fry Bread, with honey and sugar

How I generally look while on vacation
Someone jumped the gun on Fall
SOOC. I LOVE this picture!
They did not serve Cuban food. :(

Oh yeah! I also have sewing projects that I completed to show you. That is for another day though. :)

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  1. Wow your camping trip looks amazing ! 830 photos in 24 hrs ? I'm surprised you had time for to do anything !


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