Fail and success

(Long post on basting...)

I spent all of Thursday evening setting up the quilting stand. Quilt-a-matron 3000 as Josh calls it.

It is less adjustable than I originally thought. There are 3 set widths, 36", 60", 96". I have it set for 60", and that's cutting it close for a few quilts and too narrow for one. It folds flat, but the width is set, so about 12" tall x 63" wide x 30" deep (approximately). The directions we good and parts well labeled, but it did take me quite a while to get it together - and I have serious Ikea assembly skilz. I really liked that the directions also included how to make your own headers (instead of having to buy theirs) or not using headers at all (I might try it...). I went ahead and made the headers since I was used to them on the long arm.

I set up a quilt that night and pin basted it. DISASTER! There were puckers galore and I was stingy with the pins because I ran out.

I went to bed upset. :(

Josh convinced me to give it another try, with a quilt that I didn't care about if it ended up puckered up. I finally pulled 60" x WOF of 2 solids that I had on hand (orange and cream). I spent 2.5 hours (!!!) using a running stitch to baste. Sookie and Bill got me through it.

I think that it the basting looks great (did I do that, really??). I hope that I get faster, because that was ridiculous. I have big plans for this quilt. Big Halloween plans. Not all I need is halloween scrap fabric...

Next up I basted my Pink, Orange, Grey quilt. Basting went a little faster, but not much. I know how I want to quilt it and I think it will take me a while.

Finally I basted my D9P class quilt and finished half of the quilt. The basting too about an hour & half, and the partial quilting an hour. I think I'm getting faster, but still slow! Good thing I can sit in a comfy chair.

How long does it take you to baste your quilts? Is it worth the extra time to get a good baste?

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