Finished Quilt tops

I feel like using "finished" to describe part of a quilt is an oxymoron. Nonetheless, here are some quilt tops that I have finished this year and that I an desperately going to try to finish before the end of 2010. I have not finished even ONE quilt this year. For shame. :(

New Wave quilt. Pattern by Oh, Fransson!
Better horizontal or vertical?

Disappearing 9Patch
Yes, it is VERY bright. Summery. Too bad I didn't finish it in time. This would be a good picnic blanket.

Flower Basket
My pattern/design. Super simple. I'm going to make another one, but smaller!

Wedding Quilt
I don't think I will ever love a quilt more than this one. Not only because of what it stands for, but because I LOVE every single block.

And I've already shown you these, but they are in my stack to finish too.

Angled Coins
And my helper:


  1. what pretty quilts. i think i might like 'wedding quilt' the best, i wonder how you are going to quilt it? i guess i'll just have to check back and see.

  2. WOW what amazing quilts!
    You have done very well this year - and I simply love the disappearing nine patch!


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