ACK! New addiction

I've resisted until now...

Washi Tape!

All it takes is clicking on one link, then searching etsy for you to realize that this stuff is crazy cute and that I MUST have some.

For those of you not in the know and who wish to remain blissfully ignorant, please leave. Everyone else, you have been warned.

Washi tape is decorative masking tape from Asia (mostly Japan, but I've found some from Korea too). It's colorful and decorative and TOO CUTE! It comes in different colors, patterns, textures and widths. You can stick it to just about anything to hold stuff down (cause it's tape!) or just for a little decoration.

This website has tons of cute ideas. Cards, vases, envelopes, wall decoration...the sky seems to be the limit!

And to ruin you even further, a mosaic from the awesomeness that is Flickr.
New Obsession :)


  1. I know you warned me, but geez! I had no idea. How awesome is this stuff?!?


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