Fat Quarter Happiness

Did I get your attention?!

I bought a FQ pack of Far Far Away 2. I pre-wash EVERYTHING, but I took a few weeks of going back & forth before I decided to toss this fabric in the wash too. I knew it would shrink some (not much), and that it would fray because of the linen/cotton blend. What I didn't know was how SOFT if would be!!

I washed in cold on the delicate cycle, then stuck in the dryer on low for a short cycle. Iron as usual. SOOOO SOFT! This fabric starts out stiff, but turns delightful after a little laundering. I'm happy that I tossed it in. NOW this can be made into a quilt.

I also bit the bullet and bought a FQ set of Hope Valley. I really missed the boat with Flea Market Fancy and I didn't want that to happen again! I pre-washed these too (with FFA2 and some other new fabric, sorted by color) and had no issues. 

So pretty. :)

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