Good mail day

I ran home from the mailbox because I knew there were so many goodies waiting to be opened.

First, my hoop for the Scrappy {Hoop} swap arrived!! It matches my sewing room perfectly. The fabrics choices were very thoughtful and went along with what I had asked for/said my style was. The embroidery is perfect. And some quilting! It's AMAZING!
Scrappy hoop Swap Received
Scrappy hoop Swap Received

And remember my Washi Tape post? Well, 1/2 of what I ordered arrived (I bought from 2 different etsy stores). This is from Sugar B. Supplies.
Washi Tape

I bought a variety of colors and down in front are chalkboard stickers so that I can label my glass jars of food (I confuse the white rice & jasmine rice a lot, and my husband always asks which is sugar (granulated sugar, not powdered sugar and which is flour. The flour is the one that looks like flour!)

Lastly, we had a few WICKED storms this week. Hail and all. Our poor pumpkins! Look at the pock marks the hail left!
Hail pocked pumpkin

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