I got my sewing machine for Christmas in 2007. It has turned out to be the best gift EVER, but I won't lie, I was bummed when I got it. Who gives their girlfriend who barely sews a sewing machine. I had a tiny $20 machine from Target that I thought served me quite well...And really I wanted a ring.

This was before I knew about all the wonderful blogs out there and ONLY read Desgin*Sponge (I was missing out on so much!). She was hosting a competition and I made this dresser from cardboard, paper, & glue to house ALL of my sewing supplies. Yes, ALL of my fabric, thread, etc, etc.


Do you see those craft books under the lamp? That was my ENTIRE COLLECTION! Things were so much simpler back then...

bottom drawers

This was all of my fabric. You can see some Amy Butler, Echino, and Alexander Henry. The rest is just generic JoAnn.

And that is Princess Pokeypot. My first hedgehog. 

Things were so contained & organized back then...

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  1. The photos are great...but I don't recall things ever looking so neat. They say the nut doesn't fall far from the tree... I guess maybe for the photo shoot....?


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