Exciting Day!

1) I mailed my Pillow Talk Swap package. It always feels good to get it out of my hands (but not necessarily into the Post Office's).

2) I was asked to be a 3 x 6 Bee Hive caretaker!! Yay! I have Beehive 22. Can you believe there are so many now? If you aren't part of it yet, I would highly recommend looking into joining. :)

3) I WON a book!!! I first discovered the book Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt at Borders a couple months ago. I was hooked and looked up more of Kay's patterns as soon as I got home. I even made Suzanne from Hip Stitch get the patterns for the store! Anyway, no, I didn't win that book. EVEN BETTER: I won her newest book, Media Frenzy. I have always wanted to make my own DSLR bag and the one in this book looks amazing. I am so stoked. I have a feeling lots will be made from this book. 

Happy Monday everyone. :)

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  1. Wow, congratulations! I entered that giveaway too, I want to make that camera bag so badly! There's still hope, it's on my Amazon wishlist, lol. Can't wait to see what you make!


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