Look what I "discovered"

If you all knew about Issuu and didn't tell me I'm going to be mad. Well, not mad, but maybe hurt and left out. You see, there is quite a bit of awesome over there. It's like digital versions of magazines and books!!

Back to the beginning. 

Today I ended up at Inspire Co. by luck of the click. You should totally check out the site. Lots and lots of inspiration! Apparently Amy puts together these FANTASTIC seasonal magazines filled with crafty projects by crafty people. Her latest one is a Christmas issue. Mary Englebreit even contributed. The photos are lovely, as are the crafts.

(screen shots of the magazine. The actual photos are property of the magazine. Which you should be reading by now!)

This issue and the last one (Autumn) are available over at Issuu. You can even download them as PDFs!!! 

But wait, there's more. Do a search for sewing. Or crafts. Or whatever you like. There are even previews of books (like Sewing Green and Weekend Sewing)!! I am all for digital copies of books and magazines (in addition to the real thing. I won't give up my library!).

Excuse me while I waste my day.


  1. I know... isn't this a great magazine!

    (like I don't have enough projects to do already!?!) ;)

  2. Thanks Alexandra! Issuu is all new to me too! No idea how I've missed it, but thanks so much for drawing it to my attention.


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