The boy is coming home tonight. Back to work tomorrow, but only 3 weeks (15 days!!) until another break. :) That also means 3 weeks to finish presents! ACK!

Yesterday I made the most of my time home alone and got crafty! I had my friend Mandie come over so that she could learn to crochet granny squares. To be honest I had never crochet one before, but I read a few tutorials and jumped in. We didn't get that far anyways, single crochet and double crochet was the extent of the lesson!

While she practiced I finished knitting my summer blanket (it's a little too airy to be a winter blanket...). The pattern is by Pickles (my favorite knitting blog).
Summer blanket

And then I just jumped in on my Pillow Talk Swap pillow. From fabric stack to done (with a few goodies!) took me a few hours (more like 6 hours). I did run out to JoAnns to get a pillow form and diamond ruler, though. You know what?

Those seams are NOT easy to line up!! I love the outcome, but I will use larger and fewer diamonds next time!! This one took a lot more than I thought it would (stupid seam allowances).  I quilted it 1/4" on each side of the seams that I knew were straight! The backing fabric is a screen print from Japan. I thought it looked good with the stack, had the same motif, but was plainer. 

All fabrics are from my LQS Quilt Works. I must say, and this is important to me, that their cuts are generous! Like an extra 1 - 2" per cut! :)

Now to finish my Modern Swappers mini-quilt.

This song is stuck in my head.


  1. Your pillow is amazing!! What a triumph!

    And oh, that song is now in my head. Reminds me of The Nationals--a low, deep sound that melts something inside you.

  2. That pillow is gorgeous!! Great job!


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