A small bit of craftiness

Saturday was the craft fair at Hip Stitch. For my first time it went well and I had lots of talking with other crafters.

Here was my booth.
Craft Fair 11-20-1
Craft Fair 11-20-2

And once I get good pictures I will post the quilt I finished on Sunday (busy weekend!)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Craft Fair 11-20-5


  1. omg - burning sky!!
    beautiful shot!!!!
    of course no need to mention your beautiful booth - you know that i dig your stuff :-)

  2. I met you at the craft show you have pictured. I bought a couple of things from you. I love your style and have started following your blog. I'm not really a crafter but I have been motivated to craft by your blog and hope you keep the updates coming. Thanks for the inspiration!


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