Still here, kinda

I will be SO GLAD when the craft fair is over. 

Part of me feels like I don't really have to have that many things to sell and another part of me wants to have lots of variety. Is 4 types of things too few? It needs to be over so that I can move on.

On to what? Well, some quilts that I need to finish ASAP, and then some baby blankets and quilts. My sister and brother-in-law's girlfriend are both expecting little girls this spring. I know I still have plenty of time, but Ashley's (from Film in the Fridge) reminder about these blankets was too much. I MUST MAKE SOME!!

So I've been picking out possible fabrics. I've made quite a Wish List over at Above All Fabric. They have an awesome selection of the voiles. I'm waiting until after the craft fair to buy the fabric though, just so that I can't take on a new project. :)
This for my sister's girl

This for the other.

 And this for me??


  1. craft show inventory can be so hard. I think 4 types of things is a good amount. If you have to many people get confused with your booth. with 4 things you can make a statment, I think. Good luck! In both regards :)

  2. Love those fabrics! DOn't worry- I haven't got a ton of different things for the show either. :)

  3. hi margeret, nice to find you here...!!
    it finally clicked - i saw you just days earlier, when you popped into hip stitch on the way to trash the dress, right?

    love the fabrics, love your pics, can't wait to see more!!
    reeaally loved to meet you!
    now i'll go cruise your older posts!!


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