Trashed!!! (in a good way)

While there is certainly lots to be excited about, what I'm about to share is a bit self-centric, maybe egotistical. Because we are about to admire someone else's photography, but the pictures are of me & the hubs. Be warned, LOTS of pictures! :)

I met Ellen a few months ago in one of my sewing classes at Hip Stitch. She does all of the photography for them, so of course I knew she was fabulous. After some talking, I expressed interest in doing a Trash the Dress shoot. She was generous enough to offer an exchange: quilt lessons for pictures. Clearly I got the better end of that bargain! LOOK!

Seriously, LOOK!


I mean, I'm wearing tons of gaudy jewelry and Converse with my wedding dress and Ellen made my look beautiful (if I do say so myself! :))

One more, ok?


While the dress didn't really end up "trashed" I'm SO SO SO happy with how these turned out. Now I really need to get to work on my wedding album so that I can include these. I feel so grateful that I have been able to work with such amazing photographers this year!
(Don't forget the Scobeys! Look at how cute and thoughtful this ornament that they sent us is.)
Wedding ornament (1 of 1)


  1. SO cute! I love the one with just your feet on the tree! :)

  2. Oh, they really are so beautiful! You guys look great!
    I gotta keep practicing.

  3. you are too cute! Beautiful pictures. :) (too bad I no longer fit in my dress). :P

  4. absolutely beautiful! i love the shoes and the yellow jacket. and with the fall colors in the background? just gorgeous!

  5. You ARE beautiful, and I had so much fun!! :)

  6. This is so beautiful! Love the little bits of yellow!

  7. Wow those are amazing photos! You look beautiful!

  8. Those are gorgeous! you look so happy! i wish i had done this.


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