One day, when I have a house, I will cover one wall with white Christmas lights.
Lights on Wall
by kfergos on Flickr
Maybe I will hang a sheet/curtains in front of them to blur the light.
Photo from Design is Mine

But at least I will have the magic available year-round. :) (Or maybe it will look like a wedding reception??)

And I will also have a mantle that I can decorate for the seasons, or just because. A fireplace would be nice too, but I'd be happy with just the mantle and some candles.

From The Lettered Cottage, full of awesome home design!
And I will have high ceilings with large wooden beams. Maybe they'll get lights too... 
Or maybe I'll string up lights without having beams...
By e_lena via Never Without


  1. Love the strand with the paper doilies, very clever!

  2. So pretty :) What lovely thoughts on a dreary winter's day.

  3. i love ALL of those pictures. especially the lights with the sheet/curtain. i'm going to have to do that sometime. so beautiful!


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