Documenting the Stash & my diet

I thought it would be nice to take out all of my fabric & photograph it. But this isn't actually all of it since most of my fat quarters are in disarray and I have a basket of fabric that needs to be washed. So this is most of it.

Documenting the Stash - ROYG
Documenting the Stash - GABP
Documenting the Stash - GMulti
Documenting the Stash - Solids & collections
Documenting the Stash - FQ bundles
And just so you know, I spent HOURS taking these pictures then adjusting them to be just so. I love Lightroom!

Ok, so now that you've all seen how bad my addiction is, I'm letting you know that I am joining Angela's Fabric diet. No buying fabric for 2 MONTHS!
Fabric Diet Challenge>


  1. Um, WOW! That is quite the stash! And the pictures are fantastic!

  2. Holy CRAP! I mean, um, er... Oh, what lovely stacks of fabric you have! :-) I'm afraid to see what I've amassed this year. The office cleanout begins tomorrow. Oy!

  3. I love stash photos. You know the online fabric stores are looking at this challenge and saying, "Oh crap." So I'm going to keep them in business while you guys do this diet thing. ;)

  4. It is all so beautiful! I see so many pretty fabrics and it makes me happy knowing that you will be making me a block (3x6 bee) from something in those stacks!

  5. Your fabrics are totally gorgeous! I want to shop at your stash LOL
    I think I need to join that diet also!


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