Happy Early Birthday me!

Just a quick note to show you what an awesome thrifting day I had! The first to places were duds, but the 3rd was an aqua goldmine! Cute Pyrex and Ball jars. Plus a craft booth that had TONS of DMC floss. I tried to just get the colors that I thought I would use.
Thrifting blue
Thrifting thread

Also, to the lady at booth 21: I seriously can't believe that you marked up the price of an item while I was looking at it. Really?!?!


  1. AMAZING finds! I cannot get enough of these Pyrex bowl sets; I envy you for having complete sets.

  2. what a GREAT thrifting day! And boo to greedy people marking things up once you show an interest!

  3. Wow, those are great finds! And I can't believe someone marked up the price with you standing there! Talk about class.

  4. Amazingly pretty thrifty finds - love the colour xxx

  5. How crazy! Where were you at that she marked her stuff up?


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