Informed Sewing

I like sewing things that both the recipient and I love. I showed you a few glimpses of the quilts I made for my grandparents, but here are a few more details.

My grandmother loves peachy-pink and green. Very 1990s! Her living room has peach & green leather furniture even. I can't say that I found the perfect fabric, because I think it found me. The Bliss collection came out just in time for me to whip up this quilt.

The design was one that I had been wanting to try and one that wasn't too crazy or modern. It suited these fabrics well! The back was pieced together from scraps and some Kona Solids. It's a little more modern, but not too crazy. And the quilting is straight lines on the diagonal. I don't think this is something my grandmother has seen much of, but I have to keep her hip! :)

Josh helped me pick out the fabric for my grandfather's quilt. Originally I was going to make a stripe quilt like Red Pepper Quilts' In a Spin, but I just couldn't find the right fabrics. So Josh & I went to JoAnn and picked out "manly" plaids. Once I knew I was going in that direction, I played around with the Colorbrick design to get something simple and not too busy. It definitely needed sashing with 15 different plaids!

I used a plain cream flannel sheet for the back. To add interest, I quilted it with a plaid design, cream on the top to blend, nave on the back to stand out. The binding is also navy. I think he liked it!

To make things easier on myself in the future, I have created a survey for friends & family. I can't decide if this is an awesome idea, a lame idea, or cheating (since they'll tell me what they want and I don't have to figure it out!). The questions are pretty general about colors, style, etc.

I hope you all made it through to 2011 safely!


  1. I love your form-a-jig what a fab idea xxx
    And the photo of your Grandmother with her quilt is precious

  2. such a great idea with the form! :)
    (I need to do that!). ;)

    Beautiful quilts as gifts. I like them both very much...

  3. dang, i can't stopp wishing i'd know you better and i would most certainly love to fill out one of your questionaires... what a splendid idea!
    happy new year to you, too! and may your year be filled with many more happy hours of knitting and sewing!!


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