Pick 5 Monday

* a very long preface for a very short post *

Have I told you all how excited I am about Sewing Summit? Registration isn't even open yet but I already have my hotel room reserved! Can you imagine how awesome a convention for sewing bloggers will be? And can you imagine how much work goes into planning this?? Good, keep that in mind when I tell you what else Erin does. Erin is also an amazing photographer, blogger, and organizer. You see, not only does she have Sewing Summit on her plate, but she also hosts groups over on Flickr. And that's where this is going...

One of her groups is about Quilting Bee blocks. It's a great pool of inspiration! And the group is SO POPULAR that she made it into a blog too! And today I was lucky enough to pick the 5 blocks for Pick 5 Monday. Last Monday she had a bunch of bright yellow blocks to cheer up winter. I love me some yellow (and it was nice of her to post my favorite color on my birthday!), but I had to bring it down a few notches because our winter has been TOO sunny. So visit the blog to see some desaturated sewing goodness!

**ETA: The post never went up... :( ** It's up now!


  1. yea! I really want to go... but I'm holding out hope that I'll be gigantically round and pregnant and not wanting to fly then (fingers crossed)... If I'm not though, you can bet I'll be going!

    I can't see your Bee blocks post though yet... is it up and I'm missing it somehow?

  2. I am hoping to go to the sewing summit too! Especially since I live less than an hour away!

    I hope your post makes it up soon!


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