Start Square Week 1 - Assembly Option 3

Tonal zigzag

Basic Block tutorial

For this one you'll want to sew together blocks of light colors (or one color family) and blocks of dark colors (different color family). I opted to cut my 13" square blocks down into 6.5" square blocks so that I could get more variety when pairing the prints. 

* Set aside two 13" square (or 8 6.5" squares) from each color family to use on the ends. Do not sew it to anything, but cut it into triangles following the same cutting diagram.*
SSweek1 fabric-1
You'll end up with 2 sets (or 3 or 4...) of monochromatic-ish triangles. Block tutorial is here

These are going to be sewn together in rows, not blocks. You can lay this out on your design wall first, or be more random about it. I am NOT a random person, so I laid it out.

Here are all the options I went through. I still can't decide, but my husband and SIL like the upper-left one the most. Now I need to figure something out for the gray. What do you think?

SSWeek1 - Option 3

So going with the upper left (2 colors), here are the stats. 

SSweek1 option3-1

For a quilt that measures approx. 51.5" x 55" I used 24 - 13" squares (5 prints per color, 2-3 blocks per print). Each row is made of 8 triangles. 10 rows.

SSweek1 option3-3

Sew together pairs of lights on the left, darks on the right (random or based on what you laid on on your design wall). If you look at the images above and below, you'll see that the red blocks are just flipped up.

SSweek1 option3-4

Here's a picture of the tips. Notice that they don't line up exactly. Center the blocks. You will be sewing along the right red edge in the picture below. The seam should fall right in the place where the red fabric and blue fabric form an obtuse angle.

SSweek1 option3-5

All of your pieces should look the same if you are only using 2 colors. Press seams toward one color (or open if that makes you happier). 

SSweek1 option3-6

Take half of them and turn them upside-down (180 degrees). 

Above you can see that I have started separating them by row. For this quilt I am using 4 of these pairs per row. Next sew together 2 pairs.

SSweek1 option3-8

Then sew together those 2. Now you have your 8 triangles in your row.

SSweek1 option3-9

Remember those blocks I told you to set aside and cut into triangles without sewing to anything? Here's where we use them.

SSweek1 option3-10

See the red triangle on the left and blue triangle on the right? Sew those on along their hypotenuse (longest side) and your row is DONE. 

Repeat this process for the rest of your triangles and rows. Flip every other row upside-down. Then sew the rows together.

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  1. I totally have a similar aqua/red charm set jst waiting for me at home! I'm going to try this out with them :)

    Couldn't you just sew the triangles together into squares, then attach the squares for easier sewing?


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