Start Square Week 2

start square stone

Did I overwhelm you with the last block or are you back for more??

This week we are again starting with 13" squares from our fabrics. You can use as few or as many fabrics as you wish - I played around with between 2 and 6 colors.
s2 week 2-1

The inspiration for this one come from Cara over at Me? A mom? If you've seen the Urban Lattice Quilt-along you'll understand. BUT this isn't that block and it isn't that quilt. :)

Let's make a stack. You can cut anywhere between 1 and 4 blocks at a time, but I find that it's not as precise to cut more than 4. We are going to make 3 cuts.

1) Cut from corner to corner along the diagonal
s2 week 2-1

2) Cut each of the triangles in in half parallel to the fist cut (see picture)
s2 week 2-2

** If you are not working with 13" blocks this process will still work, but you will have to measure or calculate the width of each half. The equation to calculate it is:
1. side length square
13 squared = 13 * 13 = 169
2. answer times 2
169 * 2 = 338
3. square root of your answer
square root of 338 = 18.4
4. divide your answer by 4 
18.4 / 4 = 4.6"  I cut mine at 4.5" for the middle strip and let the triangle tip have the bit extra
**Doesn't measuring sound easier now??

Once you have all your pieces cut, play with them!! Here are a few variations I played with up on the design wall.

s2 week 2-3

s2 week 2-4

 I'm making this last one. I call it Tilt-Shift (it's a photography term).
Start Square Tilt Shift

All designs are going to be assembled with blocks, you will just need to know what order to sew the strips and rows together in. You can also do this randomly, but I am not a random person.

Each block is made of 4 pieces: 2 triangles and 2 trapezoids.

1. Sew together one triangle and one trapezoid, right sides together. Repeat for the other pair. Press seams toward the triangle (or open).
s2 week 2 seam 1

2. Next sew together those 2 large triangular units. Press seam to one side or open.
s2 week 2 long seam

3. Repeat for the rest of your blocks.
s2 week 2-2

4. You have probably noticed by now that these blocks aren't perfectly square, so that's the next step. We are just going to trim off the overhang and square them up to a nice 11.75".
s2 week 2 trim
s2 week 2-3
Not much waste!
This is what's going to happen next. You are going to be laying them out and a string of bad words will come out of your mouth because things don't line up.
s2 week 2-4

See that. They don't line up!!!
s2 week 2-5

5. Seam allowances and triangles are NOT friends. They like to play tricks on us. Place 2 blocks right sides together anyways and sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Ta-dah! Now a sting of very happy words should be coming out of our mouth because where it once didn't line up it now does. Yay!
s2 week 2-1

6. Sew together your rows and that's it!

 Finished block size: 11.75"


  1. You picked my favourite layout as well.

  2. Wow, you are one very clever girl!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your ideas with the rest of us!
    I love it!
    Now I can start working with triangles again.


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