Start Square

Lately I've had A LOT of quilt blocks bouncing around in my head. The kind of bouncing that makes it hard to sleep. We're 3 days into the year and I'm almost done with 2 quilt tops (and I even went to work today!). Anyways, while working on a quilt this afternoon I had this idea. It was the kind of idea that demanded all of my attention until I hashed it out.

I'd like to start a series of tutorials for quilt blocks that are based off of 13" squares. I chose 13" because you can divide a WOF into 3 13" squares without much waste and because it can then be trimmed down to a standard 12.5" square once the modifications are done.

My nerdy desire for alliteration led me to Start Square Sampler Saturdays. Every other Saturday (every Saturday is a bit intense for me!) I'll be posting a tutorial for a quilt block that starts from the 13" square. I'll be doing all of the tutorials from the same fabrics/colors so that I can eventually turn them into a sampler quilt. :)

I hope you'll find these tutorials handy and will perhaps join me along the way. 12.5" square blocks are perfect for the 3x6 Bee. Just sayin'. :)


  1. That sounds like fun! I'm curious to see what you come up with!

  2. This sounds AWESOME...I am really tired of random sizes that waste so much fabric or leave me with an ever growing pile of scraps!

    I'm excited to see what you come up with!


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