Stash Report - Week 3

sunday stash red

Last weekend I went up to Boston to help my sister clean and organize her apartment before the baby arrives. It was fun for about a day, then just a lot of hard work. It was definitely not a relaxing weekend!

She decided that sewing will no longer be part of her life (she knits more than she sews anyways), so she gave me ALL of her fabric. I went through it and only kept what I thought I could use or trade (which was most of it). I filled a suitcase to 50 pounds! Yup, there's a lot to go through. Projects of hers that I might finish, etc. So after last week's diet FAIL I succeeded in not buying anything this week. :)

In (from sister's stash): 54.5 yards!! (9 yards not pictured because it was already put away. Oops)
Tam's fabric-1
13 yards, unwashed

Tam's fabric-2
10 smaller pieces (about FQ size)

Tam's fabric-3
The greens! About 13 yards

Tam's fabric-4
The Blues! About 11 yards

Tam's fabric-6
Charms. 6 - 5" packs, 5 - 4" packs. About 6 yards

Out:3.5 yards
Sewing Board-1
Ironing board cover, finally! 1.5 yards
Snowboarding tilt Shift-1
Snowboarding Tilt Shift quilt for Start Square. About 2 yards

2011 In: 108 yards
2011 Busted: - 15 yards
Net: 93 yards in


  1. Holy moley! What a nice sister. :) I love those little hedgehog prints.

  2. WOW what a fantastic sister! And great great fabrics!
    My Aunt had a fabric clean out, however, her fabric was NOTHING like what you've just received!

  3. that should keep you set for a while!!! Wow!

  4. Holy cow!!! Your sister is AWESOME! She (and now you) had (has) a great stash!

    And I love your ironing board cover! That's a great print you chose, and you positioned it so well!


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