Stash Report - Week 4

sunday stash red

I did buy some fabric this week. Some was a birthday present to me, but it hasn't arrived yet so I'll count it next week. The rest was for my Lovely Linen quilting bee. And I have an even swap with Jeni (1 yard in, 1 yard out), so I haven't included that here either.

In: 7 yards (all linen!)

Out: 12 yards
All of my Lovely Linen Packages. Jeez, I had no idea how much work went into cutting the fabric for these bees! Hopefully I sent enough.
Lovely Linen mail

I made some pillowcases (finally!), but sadly no pictures. 2 yards there.

I also made a little plush, but the amount of fabric was negligible. And I can't show pictures yet since it's a gift! :)

2011 In: 115 yards
2011 Busted: - 27 yards
Net: 88 yards in

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