I want to make something but don't know what! Know of any great tutorials?

(Please ignore the fact that i have swap items that need to be completed and plenty of quilts in various degrees of completion.)


  1. Hi. Don't know about tutorials but a wallet with lots of compartments would be a great project to DO a tutorial.

  2. I love reading your blogg Ali, it always mkes me smile.
    If you want something quickish how about the Socken small quilt over at Cherry House Quilts.
    Oh and I've finished your Bee Block and it will be in the post tomorrow, it was great fun.

  3. I'm behind in reading your blog as I'm a new follower!
    The Janome 6600 is a wonderful machine!
    I hope you've got the table at home by now (and you don't have to sew on your kitchen work top anylonger ...)
    and this tutorial is what I want to do with 2 charm packs (Lumiere) and make a small quilt (for on the wall) for my friend who has just moved and has his house painted in all kind of neutral colours
    Here it is:
    Good luck!
    and love from


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