Snow Day(s)!

snow day!
As you can see, I had plenty of time to play with Lightroom Preset actions and Photoshop!
It snowed like crazy on Tuesday so we got a snow day! And it was supposed to snow again on Wednesday, so another snow day. Only it didn't snow and the roads were clear, which made today an excellent day to run errands and just have the day off. And we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow. Happy week!!

My sewing room has been a disaster, and Jeni posted about organizing your stash, so it seemed like the clouds aligned and I had time to clean up. 

First everything came out, then I s.l.o.w.l.y put everything in it's new home. It's not all the way done yet, but I'm happy with my progress. (more details on Flickr, just click on the images)
craft room 1

craft room 2

And finally, while it doesn't weird me out when I introduce myself as Alexandra, it weirds me out when people refer to me that way. I don't know why and I clearly can't expect them to know I'm Ali, right? So from now on, it's Ali, ok? There's a story to go with how I became Ali, but that's for another time...


  1. Snowless snow days are the best! They feel like a lovely gift from the universe. Doesn't it feel great to have a good clean out? It gives you such inspiration.

  2. You inspired me! Today will be clean the sewing room day. I actually decided last night it was too bad to try and sew in anymore, so these pictures are perfectly timed!

  3. you are SO lucky! My company NEVER closes. They even told us we could leave early today because the heater wasn't working, then half an hour later, it was working so we don't get to leave. :(

    I'm more than a smidge jealous of you friend.


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