Get ready for me to blow your mind. You know it's going to be a good day when you come home to 5 envelopes of various sizes that all have the "look". You know the look I mean. The soft, fabric-inside look.

So, without further ado, the goods!

Amanda and I did a private swap of some fabric and a sewn item. I'm trying not to feel too inferior, but her fabric and pillow cover are WAY BETTER than what I sent her. I owe her big time at Market! :) I'm not happy with what happened to the colors when I made the mosaic with Big Huge Labs. :( You all know how bright and happy Flea Market Fancy are! Such a cute little fox and hedgie!
Pillow from Amanda - better pictures!
Best Mail Day Ever - Swaps with Amanda

Here's what I made her. A pillow and a clock:

Next up: my {Urban} Home Goods Swap from Lori! I received these awesome pot holders, a Single Girl mini quilt, and a cute hedgie block that I think is destined to become a pin cushion. Her hand stitching and color choices are just to die for in person. Again, Big Huge Labs pooped on the color. The originals are in my photostream.
{UHG} from see lori sew

Still more!
My first block from the 1st Quarter 2011 3x6 Bee from sunmoshie
Best Mail Day Ever - 3x6 Bee

2 beautiful blocks from Lynette in the Fresh & Funky Bee. I am so excited about how this quilt is going to look!
Best Mail Day Ever - Fresh & Funky Bee

Also, some fabric from I'm slowly building a It's a hoot stash and trying to pick up some Park Slope.
Best Mail Day Ever - Fabric

And lest you think that I never sew, here's my sample block (in my colors) for the 3x6 Bee. I'm a good way through the others, which is good since I have to send them tomorrow!
My block for 3x6


  1. I love your clock! Such talent. I haven't received the fabric yet for Fresh and Funky ;'(
    I have kona white solid here so I can make and send . . .

  2. Oh my gosh...that block with the did she do that?! Oh my gosh.

    I love your clock! Just love it, what a great idea, I've never seen anything like it!

  3. Wow! What beautiful items! I really love that clock!

  4. Your clock is gorgeous! And that hedgie, be still my beating heart.

  5. Ummmm I need a mail day like that ... so awesome :)


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