I need to vent.

I purchased some of the Alexander Henry Heath from a few weeks ago. When my order arrived this week, I was missing my gray fabric and had received purple instead of black. GRR! 

So I called and they said the gray was backordered. Why wasn't I notified? Why had it let me check out with the gray? What if I had needed it for an urgent project? They said that all they could do was cancel my back-ordered amount.

The said they would ship out the replacement black that day. Guess what email I received today? The black is not back-ordered too! GRRR!!

I am going to war with and they had better give me some free fabric for THEIR mistakes!


  1. I order from a lot. They are huge, do huge volumes, and do make mistakes. However, I have found them to be very cordial and accommodating. They replace any errors, and do not require you to return anything. I find that their lower prices, discounts and free shipping for orders of $35 or more to be worth it. I would not use them for a rush job. Other places are much quicker, albeit more expensive. It is a trade off.

  2. Oh Allie - argh! Wanted to let you know your LQS has this fabric, I'm pretty positive - QW.


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