Much better - Excited about Sewing Summit!!!

I just want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. You all brought up some great points and what it all comes down to is: to each his own. So onward!

Maybe you have heard of Sewing Summit. I've mentioned it before, but essentially it's going to be an awesome sewing and blogging conference in SLC this Fall. We've all been following the revealing of the teachers anxiously and now REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! 

It's $275 for the conference which I think is very reasonable for 6 classes, a reception Friday night, breakfast, lunch and snack Saturday, and breakfast Sunday. Hotel and transportation are separate, but the hotel has a special rate of $89/night.

The Sewing Summit

So if you're looking to get to meet new people (or maybe meet the people behind the blogs), plus have fun sewing and learn a few tricks of the trade, you should SIGN UP!!


  1. oh how i wish i was going to this!! its going to be so fun!!

  2. I wish I was going! My husband nixed the idea, though :-(

  3. I am going! I am so excited! I am glad you are going too!

  4. I wish I could but it's a bit far for me.

  5. Pretty sure I'm going! : ) It looks so, so fun.


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