Trend Watching

I've notice a few trends popping up that I am LOVING!

1. Crazy crosshatch fabrics that have sort of a grungey look to them. Primarily is Jay McCarroll's Habitat (upper right), but a few other collections have a similar look - Alexander Henry Heath (upper left), Cosmo Cricket Early Bird (lower left), and Alexander Henry Farmdale (lower right).

I'm digging this trend!

Should you need a quilting design to go with these fabrics, look no further! I have used this katie did tutorial for numerous quilts. So easy and cute! Well maybe cute isn't the right word.

Trend #2: foxes
Foxy trend
1. Printable bookmarks 2. Sonja's paper piecing templates. You should check out the rest of the patterns for sale in her shop! 3. Amanda's adorable foxes 4. LAMP! How cute is this? Via How About Orange


  1. It looks like foxes are the new owl...
    Very cool :)

  2. :) Thanks for putting up my pic again. Looking at him makes me very happy. I love knowing something I made is in a good home.


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