I love...

Kaelin. You may know Kaelin from her awesome blog The Plaid Scottie. She is the bomb diggity. For many reasons really. The top 2?
2) This picture:

Photo by Kaelin - The Plaid Scottie
Do you know why I love Kaelin for posting this photo??? Guess.

That photo brought my one true sewing love back to me - the zig zag stitch. I adore the zig zag stitch. It can do no wrong in my eyes. And I had FORGOTTEN about it!!

Ziggy zag and I go way back. I used it to bind and quilt a little MMM project a few months ago.
zig zag binding

And then I used it INSTEAD of binding on a mug rug.
mug rug 2

And then, somehow, it slipped my mind! I don't even know how that it possible. But Kaelin, dear, dear Kaelin, brought my ziggy zag back. And since then I have finished some quilts that were languishing on my couch, waiting for me to bind them.
zig zag binding-2

Ziggy Zag - I will never forget you again. You will always hold a special place on my quilts.


  1. I love Kaelin, too! I am fortunate enough to have spent a weekend with her last year, and she is so much fun :)

  2. Oh Ali thank you thank you thank you - you've just shown me that others do machine stitch there binding!! !!

  3. Ali- we should get together sometime to sew! I'd love to see how you made your mug rug- it's SO cute! Are you coming to craft night Friday @ Hipstitch?


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