Make Mine Modern - Round 3

Well, this is only my second round, but the 3rd round for the swap. I just LOVE all that goes into these secret swaps. The stalking, the hints, the lovely goodies that go around the world.

For this round I had to make something for Amy, who happens to be one of the swap mamas. You KNOW that you have to do something awesome when you get paired up with someone so awesome. Unfortunately she likes purple. Purple?? Why do so many people like purple?? She also likes Tula Pink. Which means that she and my sister are a match made in heaven.
MMM swap goodies-3
The card. Letterpress. From Anthro.

MMM swap goodies-sent
I intended this to be a mat for the kitchen or bathroom, so I backed it with a towel. She said that it's so nice an cushy under her feet that she uses it in her sewing room!

MMM swap goodies - sent
At the top is bunting (tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew) and below is a sewing machine cover.

I finished some of the items so long ago that they got lost in the mess and I had to send things in 2 mailings!
MMM swap goodies-sent MMM swap goodies-4
A little travel sewing pouch!

P.S. Amy, I am now a table maniac! It is the perfect solution to my problem of not being able to put pictures next to each other on Blogger until now. 

I think I got the better end of this swap though! Tracey sent along SO MUCH WONDERFULNESS!

MMM received - the loot!

Tracey knew how much I wanted a pillow in this style since I drooled all over (figuratively!) the one she made in a previous round. This one is WAY better though and it gets to live with me permanently!
MMM received! Rob Peter to Pay Paul Awesome pillow

I don't have any good pictures of my purse because, well, it's been full of stuff and around town with me since the second it arrived. So here are some action shots. :)

MMM bag MMM bag school
In the car full of JoAnn coupsAt school

Goodie Bag Swap Partner: I have room in my heart for another purse, don't worry!! A girl can never have too many bags, and this one only brings me up to 3!


  1. What cute makes! i find purple a bit tough too but I think orange is perfect with it. You had great partners- both to make for and receive from

  2. I dont know, I still think I made out pretty good. Not sure you got the better end of that one. LOL
    And whats wrong with liking purple? LOL


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