Sewing for babies

My sister's diaper bag was very manly (so that her husband will carry it of course). But she asked me for a prettier diaper bag for her. In fact, she showed me exactly what she wanted. I think the price is very reasonable, but she wanted the white background topiary print. Well, I happened to have some on hand!

Armed with my new bag knowledge from my Sleepover Bag, I thought I would wing it. And ended up ripping things apart 3 times to get the right proportions. Agh! There was definitely some frustration (with one of the zippy pouches too), but I'm quite pleased with the end result.

Parisville Diaper Bag
Parisville Diaper Bag-3

Why not a matching changing pad?
Parisville Diaper Bag-7

And perhaps some zippy pouches to replace her current "wallet" situation?
Current "wallets"! Ziplock baggies!
Parisville Diaper Bag-6
Parisville Diaper Bag-5

And a pouch for pacifiers?
Parisville Diaper Bag-4

I want to make a couple more goodies too. :) Then it's off to Boston!


  1. Wowza! What an awesome package! Is that some Heath I spot on that bag, or is that Quilter's Linen? Either way, it looks fantastic! What a lucky sister!

  2. It's beautiful Ali! I love it!

  3. Yay! Thank you so much. I am so lucky :)

  4. Wow such pretty purples too!
    Your sister is blessed to have such a talented sister!

  5. such a great package!!! Look at you... good sister award. :)

  6. You do such beautiful work. I love these.


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