Twice in one weekend!

I'm actually a little speechless (wordless). Two awesome ladies both nominated me for a Stlyish Blogger Award this weekend. You may know Janet from Entropy Undone. First of all, just the name of the blog makes me happy with dorkiness. But Janet also makes of lovely things too, like the Circular Logic Pillow that you must go check out! One inch squares, need I say more? 

The other lady is Becky from My Fabric Obsession. I'm sure you've seen her Argyle Pillow Tutorial, right? If you know anything about me and diamonds, then you will know that I am in awe of her pillow and how perfectly everything lines up! And don't get me started about her quilts - send that Nautical Baby quilt over here! :)

Thank you both so much! Now onto the even harder part: share 7 things about me.

1. I used to hate yellow. Dare I say loathe even?? I was all about red and black. Now I can't stand red & black together and am all about the yellow (even my wedding & engagement rings have yellow sapphires).

2. I want a house in a crazy bad way. I would give up sewing (gasp!) if it meant that I could have a house with a yard and trees and a little fruit & vegetable garden and a white kitchen and hardwood floors and...Let's just say that I know exactly what I want.

3. If I see a house under construction (and no one is around) I'll walk though it. My runs in Miami revolve around finding as many houses as possible that I can spy on. I love to see the layouts and how things come together. Also, see #2.

4. Because of numbers 2 & 3 I went to college to become an Architect. I have a BS in Architecture and would NEVER want to be an architect. 

5. The only caffeine I eat / drink comes from chocolate or decaf coffee. I gave it up 4.5 years ago and don't miss it at all!

6. I once worked at Victoria's Secret for 2 days. It was miserable.

7. I love road trips. This summer my husband and I are planning on driving from Albuquerque to Sedona to the Grand Canyon, then up through Utah, perhaps a little Wyoming, then home. I will be needing lots of Dramamine!!

Lastly, I must nominate 6 recently discovered bloggers. I didn't really follow many blogs until about 6 months ago and I consider that recent enough!

1. Amanda at A Crafty Fox.
2. Tamiko at Patchwork Notes
3. Kelly at KelbySews
4. Amy at AllieKat Mom
6. Anna at the Joy Cottage

They are all crafty superstars! Go now and be amazed!

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  1. You are a stylish girl! ;) Thanks for the kind words about my work. You'll have to pry the nautical quilt from my sister's hands now. It was gifted yesterday.
    Love your 7 bits of info. Isn't it funny how our color preferences change? I always thought I didn't like blue. But when I organized my fabric, it's the most predominant color I have!


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