Black Hole

When I was little I hated reading. You couldn't bribe me enough to read. That was probably a good thing. Now, when I read a book or a series, it consumes me. All I want to do is sit and read. Cooking? No. Sewing? No. Sleeping? There have been a few late nights. 
Sunday afternoon
Sunday at the park with my book.
I've almost made it through the Fever Series. I'm like a junkie. The first book wasn't fabulous, but I couldn't stop and the books have gotten much better. I'm contemplating bringing the Highlander series to Maine with me next month. That book cover does look a bit risque though!

So now that the end is in sight (of the Fever series and of school, woot!), hopefully I'll be around more too. I have lots of projects to share. I have found some time to sew (of course!).

I'll leave you with a few pictures of a quilt that I finished at the beginning of May. My Citrus delight quilt. My pebble hell quilt.
Citrus quilt


  1. Glad you persisted - I love the pebbling. Esp the yellow on the green. Great spring colours, too. I'm like you when I start a book - I feel sorry for my husband because he becomes a one-man show as I become a book zombie.

  2. I love the spring feeling to your quilt.
    Reading I LOVED it - Maths I hated it - wow such opposites we were academically
    I've taken up audio books for when I'm sewing - multi tasking I call it

  3. Great colors! Pebbling takes so long! But it looks so nice.

  4. I've had more than my fair share of late night reading. Finished the Fever series last year……. took to reading my teens series books- they'll keep you up late too!

  5. Late night reading can really wear you out - especially when you get up and just have to read a little more. And then maybe it's noon and you're still in your jammies and of course you can grab a quick bite while you finish the chapter. And then you realize the day's pretty well shot anyways and you could read a bit more before you have to get dinner together. Oh well, DH could pick up a pizza on the way home from work (thankfully he loves pizza) and I could get dressed quickly so he won't know I've spent all day curled up with my book(s). Now a break before bedtime and yes, you guessed it, another late night reading!
    It doesn't happen often but it's such a wonderful day when it does.

    I had six, or was it seven, of the Outlander books on hand before I started them. Then I was waiting on the next one. Grabbed it up the first day it was on sale, but oh no, now I'm waiting on the next one. I'm totally hooked.
    Yahoo's dragonsecrets

  6. I couldn't comment on this last time I read it, but it's awesome! :)

    I loved the Fever series too... got me through the first trimester. ;)


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