Spring Market Recap - the fabric!

LOTS of pictures from Market! I only lasted 3 hours on the first day before heading back to the hotel for a nap. I went back on Saturday and found that 4 hours was just too much time for browsing. There was a lot of, IMO, crap there. Who knew that there was so much fabric that isn't my style?? And who needs so many rulers? I was pretty excited about most of Clover's little tools though. And there were so many cool quilts that I felt overwhelmed and insignificant. 
It wasn't as awesome as I expected, but I'm really glad that I got to go and see it all and meet all the awesome people.

Spring Market
View down into the showroom

Spring Market - Basic Grey
I wanted to live in their booth. Apparently I wasn't the only one.

Spring Market - Riley Blake
Riley Blake's cute bike and fabric tree

Spring Market - Birch Avalon
Organic awesomeness bu Birch. Love that quilt!

Spring Market - Sarah Jane
The boy prints from this line are adorable! I can live without the girl prints.

Spring Market - Sandi Henderson 2
I loved her booth. She had some great crewelwork on the walls that I wanted. :) Look for the keys print in her upcoming line, very cool!

Spring Market - ModKid
I wanted a bundle of this collection, but alas they were not part of sample spree. :( The colors and designs are loud and happy, like me!

Spring Market - Toomuchery
I have no clue who this designer is, but the prints are cute.

Spring Market - Oliver & S
Just awesome color and design. Of course.

Spring Market - Little Apples 2
Aneela's Little Apples. Her display was super cute.

Spring Market - Kona Solids
Adrienne's quilt stole the show in the Kona booth. I asked the lady and she assured me that JoAnn does sell real Kona.

Spring Market - Tula Pink 3
She wrapped books in prints from her fabric. This is a collection that I will stock up on!

Spring Market - Joel Dewberry
He promised me he would post about what colors he painted his booth. I like the booth design more than the fabrics.

Spring Market - Melody Miller
Must. Have. Bugs. The linen is a really nice weight, much lighter than RSR.

Spring Market - Fons & Perter
My quilt. :) Sorry, I'm still amazed.

Spring Market - Sample Spree loot
My sample spree spoils. Little Apples, Kate Spain, Lizzy House, Dazzle (a mix of collection names and designers. I can't be bothered to remember designers and collection names, right??)


  1. Hi, thanks for this post. The market looks great, but when I think of those hours walking along booths that DO NOT appeal to you.
    So I'm glad you took us to all the nice booths!
    I didn't know one of your quilts was hanging there.
    You're a famous person now!
    And you have all the right to be PROUD of yourself!

  2. Ah, thanks, I needed that. It's nice to see the fabrics hanging in yardage, you get such a better feel for them compared to a little swatch. Nice haul too!

  3. I enjoy your honesty. You got some great things at Sample Spree.

  4. Great recap - I think I'm drawn to the same things as you are, so this was relevant, lol! And seriously, I can. not. wait. for Prince Charming. And I'm excited for Dazzle also!


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