Spring Market Recap - the people

While there was so much fabric-y goodness at Market, I was more excited about all the people I got to meet. So today the people, tomorrow the fabric and booths. Excuse me while I act star-struck! :)

With Julie
In the middle is Julie, of Jaybird Quilts. She was so nice and fun. This was at the Modern Quilt Guild Party. When I met her the night before she was on the ground...

With Heather
Heather {a la mode}. Nothing I can say will do her justice. Crazy, fun, nice.

With Erin
Erin (TwoMoreSeconds). She's one of the masterminds behind Sewing Summit and is also in my BeeTweet bee.

With Alexia
Alexia, who works for Anna Maria Horner, but who is completely awesome and genius in her on right. This was right after she showed us some amazing fabric designs and gave  me a copy of her Vera bag pattern.

Spring Market - Amy Ellis signing her book
Amy Ellis at her book signing. The other half of Sewing Summit awesomeness.

Spring Market - Camille Roskelly
Camille Roskelley. So cute and sweet! I love her newest fabric collection!

Spring Market - Anna Maria Horner
Anna Maria Horner!!! Can you tell from my face just how excited I was? I'm surprised I was even coherent enough to ask for a picture. Yeah...she's just...well...perfect.

Spring Market - Tula Pink 2
I'm so short! Tula Pink!!! Look Tam!! I love everything about her newest collection and booth. Unfortunately her manufacturer doesn't believe in creating bundles for sample spree. Boo! I'll just have to wait like everyone else. :(


  1. so much fun! I had planned to go... but then I decided I'd better save my money for baby #2...

    You look adorable by the way... so much fun! :)

  2. Awwwesome! Sometimes it sucks living on the other side of the world to you 'Murricans. You have the best festivals/markets. Do we get a fabric show and tell too?

  3. Fun fun! I have a picture with AMH and AB from spring market 2008--I was totally star struck too!!

  4. Oh fun!! I wish I could go. I live in Houston and could probably get to the one in the fall but have no clue where to even begin. LOL


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