I'm home! I'm still getting caught up with unpacking and laundry, but I started a sewing project that should be done by the weekend, yay!

I noticed that none of you stole my husband while I was away. I appreciate that!! But I thought you should know just what you're missing. While I was away, my hubby:

shampooed the carpets (trust me, they were gross!)
took care of the fish & hedgehog
installed an iPhone adapter for my car stereo
bought new tires for my car
cleaned the bathrooms

I really adore this guy!

Manuel Antonio-19 DSC_0306


  1. I'd be bragging too. Clean bathrooms = awesome!

  2. Now that is a good guy. I'd have to say my hubby is like that as well and I always feel so lucky to have such a wonderful man taking care of me and our home.

  3. wow, my husband still thinks that there is a bathroom fairy that comes and cleans ours! I don't think he has EVER cleaned any of the bathrooms since we got together!


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