A few blocks

I was WAY behind on my Bee Blocks. I was sewing up until I left on Wednesday.

F&F Bee block for Patchworkqueen
Fresh & Funky - April

Fresh & Funky block for Kerry
Fresh & Funky - May

May bee tweet blocks for Erin
Bee Tweet - May

Lovely linen bee blocks for Jackie
Lovely Linen - May

3x6 caretaker block
3x6 Bee Caretaker Swap

Beehive 22 - 2nd Quarter 2011
3x6 Beehive 22
I timed my bee blocks since I was so short on time, just to see... Each one took me 40 minutes. That seems like a lot for a simple square in square block! What do you guys think? How long do your bee blocks usually take and would you say that you are a fast or slow sewer? I guess I think I'm slow!


  1. I'm super slow when I make log cabins, it's even worse with the wonky. So I don't think it's just you (and I'm sure it would take me longer, lol). But they all look great!

  2. oh my gosh, they all look so good!

    I really want to make some of those Nittany blocks (the X ones)... so cute.

    And 40 minutes sounds about right to me unfortunately!

  3. Your blocks look great!

    I'm a slow sewer. Like, the slowest ever. I did double-duty in the 3x6 bee for the second quarter, and did super-scrappy blocks for both of my hives. Took me the better part of two weekends to churn out 12 blocks! All well worth it, though--love that bee!

  4. I'm way slower than you- I love all the ones you made- my hardest is getting started and then (not) ripping out!

  5. 40 minutes sounds pretty quick for me! I had one bee block take me 3 hours! That seemed like a lot for a bee block, but I am a super slow sewist.

    Hope you are having fun!


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