Goodie Bag Swap

The Weekender Bag...sigh...
Goodie bag swap for Kelly

It's not as bad as I originally remember it being, but of course, being me, I decided to modify it. I though for sure I could find a way to attach the lining better with less hand stitching. I won't bother you with what I ended up doing because in some ways it was better, but overall just the same amount of hand stitching.
Goodie bag swap for Kelly-4
This was going to be my test bag. I was selfishly going to keep it. Then I decided that I didn't want to make another for Kelly. And anyways the navy fabric that I bought for Kelly was not navy enough. So I stuck with the yellow.
Goodie bag swap for Kelly-5
I used fusible Peltex so that I didn't have to sew it in. Lining up the zig zags on the pockets was a b*tch. Especially with the zipper. I have measurements somewhere in case I ever want to recreate that...

Once I was done with Kelly's bag, I made my Vera bag with the fabric that wasn't navy enough. I loved it so much that I made Kelly a little tote out of it too.

Goodie bag swap for Kelly-2

Goodie bag swap for Kelly-3
I don't have picture of the fabric that I included, but, to me, it wasn't the important part. Just trust that there was fabric.

Kelly is super awesome (I assume. She is on her blog and flickr) so I wanted to make something great for her. I signed up for the intermediate level for the swap, but secretly hopped up to advanced to be partnered with Kelly. ;) Kaelin and I were being sneaky!!


  1. O... my ... goodness... I wish that yellow bag was in the mail on its way to me. AWESOME, seriously, favorite handmade bag I've seen in bloggyland.

  2. WOW! i'm currently slogging through the weekender bag. Yours is gorgeous, you are an awesome partner to make one for your swap partner!

  3. I am the luckiest girl in the world! I hope I am super awesome enough to deserve all your hard work. It certainly paid off! I know I'm going to get lots of compliments on my bag when I take it on it's debut outing tomorrow! I am so overwhelmed by your generosity and hard work--all for me! I feel so special! :) Thank you, bestest swap partner!

  4. Wow, I can't believe you made this bag to give it away! What kind of fabric is that, that you used? It looks amazing...great job matching up the zig zags!!

  5. It's SO cute and Ali... My birthday is exactly a month from case you changed your mind about wanting to make another bag. ;)

    Let's get together soon- whenever you get back from wherever you are. :)

  6. I would not like to attempt that but your end result looks amazing and the colour is perfect, really summery

  7. I do not have the words to describe the awesomeness of these bags! I am IN LOVE.

  8. I adore how that bag turned out! I imagine Kelly is still jumping up and down out of pure joy :)

    Someday, someday I will try that bag :)

  9. the bag is amazing... :) Brilliant work - (and I totally noticed that you lined up those zig-zags...). ;)

  10. She did it again!!! What an awesome swap buddy!! I really love this and I want one now! I think I will have to make one. I really love that yellow fabric!!


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